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​                   Bride (inc trial)                                                                          £160
                   Bridesmaid                                                                                 £75
                   M.O.B/M.O.G                                                                              £60
​                   Additional Bridal Party                                                            £45
                   Occasion Make Up                                                                    £40

Tattoo cover up starts from £5, please send a picture for a quote.
All prices include lashes. If bridesmaids, MOB/MOG would like a trial, this can be done by making a booking for occasion make up.  

If you wish to check my availability please message me directly through either my website, email or text. Please see contact page for details. 

​Please note: A minimum of 2 people are required for bridal bookings. A non-refundable deposit of £50 is required to secure your date. Until this is paid your date is not secure. If a change of location is required during your wedding morning, an additional £50 is needed to cover the time to accommodate this. The remaining balance must be paid 2 weeks before your wedding date. 
Travel expenses will occur once outside 10 miles of the BS15, this is at 50p per mile. I only travel for bridal bookings.

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